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From the Home page, begin your search for the perfect sculpture. You can narrow your search by size, material and genre, or just hit the search button to browse all the sculpture available.

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When you see one or more sculptures you want to look at more closely, just hover over them and click on the small HEART to add it to your favorites page. To view a larger image of the sculpture, click on the PLUS button. The ELLIPSE button will take you to that sculptor's gallery. If you want to save your favorites, create an account with your email and a password.

You can review all your favorites by clicking on the HEART in the upper right corner of any page on this site. From your Favorites page, you can click on the EMAIL button to generate a contact form that will go directly to the sales administrator who will reply with pricing information, etc.

With each purchase of sculpture from the Sculpture Showcase, a portion of the final price gets donated to Sculpture in the South, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to public sculpture in Summerville, South Carolina (near Charleston). Sculpture in the South has successfully purchased and installed over 20 pieces of public sculpture for the enjoyment of everyone. To learn more about Sculpture in the South and to view this permanent public collection, CLICK HERE.

Q: What is Sculpture in the South?

A: We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to “promote the appreciation of sculpture through education and the creation of an accessible public sculpture collection that enhances our community.” Since 1998 the organization has installed twenty-three (23) museum quality sculptures in public spaces throughout the town of Summerville.


Q: What is Sculpture Showcase?

A: A service offered by Sculpture in the South, it is a Web-based Marketplace enabling buyers to search for, view and buy fine quality sculpture for home, business or organization.


Q: How can a sculptor participate in the Sculpture Showcase?

A: It is an easy process. If you participated in one or more of Sculpture in the South’s annual Show & Sale events, you are already “juried in.” If not, you must agree to and accept in writing the terms and conditions set forth in the Sculpture Showcase Prospectus and The Sculpture Showcase Sculptor Contract. Both documents are available upon request.


Q: What does the sculptor submit to join?

A: Each Participant should submit a signed contract, a biography, Headshot (300dpi, jpg), images of Sculptures for Sale labeled with title, price, edition number and edition size along with physical size of the piece.


Q: If a Sculptor is “Juried in” and selected to have a Gallery presence on the website what are the fees?

A; The Sculptor is not charged any fees until the sale is made. At that time the Sculpture Showcase will collect a 20% commission on the sale price as a donation to Sculpture in the South.


Q: Will there be a limit to the number of Sculptors Selected to participate in the Sculpture Showcase Gallery with a website presence?

A: Yes, the Sculpture Showcase Gallery will be limited initially to fifty (50) participating sculptors with consideration given to maintaining a balance of wildlife, figurative, abstract and kinetic works on the site.


Q: How do you describe the type of fine quality sculpture that will have a gallery presence on the Sculpture Showcase?

A: All sculpture must be original and entirely the work of the individual sculptor. Sculpture may include but is not limited to; sculpture in the round, relief, kinetic. These may take the form of figurative, abstract, animal, mobile, fountain or architectural. Materials may include bronze, stone, wood, clay, terra cotta or precious metals. No cold cast, sculpture editions that number greater than 100, folk art or found art will be allowed.

For a more detailed description please see the “Rules for participation” located in the Sculpture Showcase Prospectus.


Q: How does the buy/sell transaction work?

A: As a buyer “shops” the Showcase they are able to add pieces of interest to their favorites list. After deciding on a particular piece they will click on the email icon next to it and a form will be generated for them to contact the sales administrator for pricing and delivery information.


Q: What does Sculpture in the South do with the commissions from sculpture sales?

A: Sculpture in the South will use commissions in support of its mission:


            Sculpture in the South promotes the appreciation of sculpture through education and the creation of an accessible public sculpture collection that enhances our community.