Sculpture Showcase Prospectus

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Complete Sculptor Contract and return.

Biography (Microsoft Word format)

Headshot (jpg format, 300 dpi)

Images of sculptures for sale on our site (jpg format, 300 dpi)

No charge for participation until sale is made.





Sculpture in the South is dedicated to promoting sculpture through education and through the creation of a permanent sculpture collection that enhances Summerville’s public spaces.


Since 1999, Sculpture in the South, a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, has installed sculpture throughout the town of Summerville, South Carolina’s public spaces. Proceeds from the Sculpture Showcase benefit the Summerville Permanent Public Sculpture Collection



Sculpture in the South’s Sculpture Showcase is marketed heavily in the tri-state area of South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. In addition, advertisement is placed in national publications along with targeted information sent to interior designers, architects, landscape architects and collectors.



Sculptors who have been part of Sculpture in the South’s Annual Show & Sale have completed this process.


Openings for new sculptors are available. The Sculpture Showcase will be initially limited to space for fifty sculptors.


During the jury process:

  • Sculptor applicants remain anonymous.
  • Five images are projected at the same time in a horizontal pattern.
  • Scoring is 1 (low) to 10 (high).
  • Scoring is based on originality, creativity, design, technique, craftsmanship, and production methodology.
  • All scores are combined and averaged.

Jury proceeds as follows:

  • Overview: Images from applicants are shown to the jury panel.
  • Initial scoring: The description of materials, technique and dimensions are read while the images are shown for scoring.
  • Review and final scoring: High scoring submissions with widely varying scores, and submissions requested for review by a juror are viewed a third time and discussed. Jurors may revise their scores. Final scores are recorded.
  • The Jurors view the choices and final selections are made and a waitlist is established.






A pool of jurors with a diverse combination of background and skills is used. Made up of artists, educators, museum curators/directors they are selected by random draw as needed. Three to six jurors are used. Jurors are rotated so that new and experienced jurors serve together.



Before applying please make sure your work meets the following criteria. By applying you agree to abide by the rules, policies and decisions of Sculpture in the South.


Sculpture in the South’s Sculpture Showcase is a highly selective fine art site.


  • All sculpture must be original and entirely the work of the individual sculptor.
  • Sculpture eligible for sale may include (but not be limited to) sculpture in the round, bas-relief, high relief, mobile, fountain, kinetic, or architectural. Materials may include bronze, stone, wood, clay, terra cotta or precious metals.
  • Sculptors may take pre-cast orders for work still in clay.
  • No cold cast sculpture, editions that number greater than 100, folk art, or found art will be allowed. 
  • Sculptors will be required to exhibit at least 8 different works of art on the site.
  • All artwork is exhibited at the discretion of Sculpture in the South, which reserves the right to remove artwork deemed inappropriate or ineligible.  Sculpture in the South reserves the right to withhold from the Sculpture Showcase any works that do not fulfill the expectations as indicated by the application process.
  • If the work is produced in editions, you must disclose edition numbers to the Sculpture Showcase audience and include in your work descriptions.
  • All work must be of the quality and type of that shown in the images juried.
  • Commissioned Artwork Agreements derived from the Sculpture Showcase or after must use either the Sculpture in the South Commission Short or Long Form Agreement.
  • It is the sculptor’s responsibility to notify Sculpture in the South of any Special, Pre-Cast or Back Orders sold as a result of contact and or exposure through the Sculpture Showcase. A commission of 20% is to be paid to Sculpture in the South.



Sculpture Sales & Commission

  • Sculpture in the South staff will manage all sales, process transactions (cash, check, and credit card) and collect SC sales tax as applicable.  Sculptors will be provided a copy of sales receipts.  Sculpture in the South will mail any payments within 10 business days after the sale. 
  • All sales are final.
  • Sculpture in the South retains a 20% commission from the sale of all artwork sold on the Sculpture Showcase site.
  • Sculpture in the South offers a discount to selected entities for promotional and other purposes. The discount will be deducted from Sculpture in the South’s retained commission, and does not affect the consigned payment amount due to the sculptors.


Shipping Artwork

Shipping purchased sculpture to clients

  • Sculptors can either ship purchased Show & Sale sculpture from their studio or have Sculpture in the South ship purchased Sculpture Showcase Sale sculpture.
  • Sculpture in the South uses UPS for all shipping. Costs to be determined at time of shipping. Shipping costs to be paid by purchaser at that time. Do not include shipping cost in the price of purchase.

Use of Images

  • Images submitted may be used for promotional purposes.  Sculptor’s name will be displayed next to photos of individual work.  Titles will be displayed if space permits.
  • Images will NOT be returned.  Please do not send your ONLY copy of anything.


Check list:

  • Sculptor Contract 
  • Completed Artist Response Form.
  • Biography (Microsoft Word format)
  • Headshot (jpg format, 300 dpi)
  • Image of most current issued sculpture (jpg format, 300 dpi)


Sculpture in the South

Sculpture Showcase

Sculptor Contract



Please Print


Name:                                                                         Website                                                                      




 Home Ph: (    )                                   Mobile: (    )                                       




Medium:                                 Subject matter:                                    Price Range:                          




1. Biography for use on web site and advertising.

2. Picture – headshot in jpeg format.

3. Images of sculptures for sale, labeled with title, price, edition number and edition size.





Sculpture in the South will maintain and market the Sculpture Showcase


Sales: A commission of 20% will be retained by Sculpture in the South for all Sculpture Showcase purchases, commissioned work, pre-cast or back orders as derived from the sculptor’s exposure on the site.


Signing this Sculptor Contract for the Sculpture in the South Sculpture Showcase constitutes an

agreement by the sculptor to the conditions set forth in the Sculpture Showcase Prospectus.


I have fully read the Sculpture Showcase Prospectus and agree to all terms and conditions.


Signature:                                                                                Date:                                      


For any further questions or concerns contact the Sculpture in the South office at: Ph: (843) 851-7800  

 or email: